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NMR tubes

NMR tubes are manufactured according to customer wishes. For example to be used with a Bruker 200 or Bruker 400. Tubes are 10mm or 5 mm, tested at 200 bar and made of sapphire. The connector is made of Titanium. We manufacture the NMR tubes for internal research and for several research institutes. We are a non-profit organisation and manufacturing is done at basis of material costs and work-hours. For filling we use a 3/16 swagelock connector. Please contact our department for more information.


NMR tube

High pressure autoclave

Autoclave for infrared measurements at high pressures until 80 bar.

Temperature control software (IoP)

Example of a Python Qt software application for simple temperature profiles for use in soft condensed matter experiments.

Bird tracking project

Our department developed a solar powered, light weight GPS tag with rechargeable batteries, a tri-axial accelerometer, two way data-communication to a ground station network, automated data processing and visualization in the Virtual Lab. Researchers from multiple organizations are working with this system to study migration, navigation, foraging strategies on land and at sea. The system will continue to develop fostering research needs of a diverse community.

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Telescope project

The Anton Pannekoek Observatory of the FNWI has the largest optical telescope in the Netherlands for educational purposes. It's located on the roof of our institute. The technical department developed an automatically closing mirror shield, and assisted with installation of the soft- and hardware infrastructure.

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